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"xtremedevotion: An intense commitment to a purpose; for you personally to commit to God, trusting Him with His plan and purpose for your life, and for others, that you give powerful testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus." ~Erica Alexander


During the last several years serving in fulltime ministry, I've realized that many of the soldiers in God's Army are not well equipped. Some don't realize what they have: the Word of God, His mighty sword, but they don't know how to wield it. My desire is to assist in equipping, challenging, and encouraging you to grow in your relationship with God.

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What people are saying about For the Kingdom...

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it and to let you know that it really spoke to us. We are into serving others and being a light in this dark world. Your book served to further us on our journey to help others and to glorify God.



I finished reading your book and I found it awesome and really encouraging. I feel like God has called me to possibly write a book on the little things I've learned and reading your book/seeing that a real person can write and publish a book is super awesome.



The real life stories have been an encouragement to me. I like being able to connect with the 'real' and not reading a book that gives me a bunch of rules to follow, making me feel bad about where I'm at in my walk.


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